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Seben Ayse Dayi

Seben Ayşe Dayı
Founder, Communications Accessibility Specialist

After graduating from Yeditepe University, Department of Journalism with the first rank, I completed my master’s degree in Anthropology. I wrote my master’s thesis on the subject of “Children and Disability in Alternative Education” within the framework of educational anthropology. I have been working as a disability activist for about 10 years. In this process, I took part professionally and voluntarily in many projects aiming to transform the perception of disability in society and education. As one of the founders of Everything Accessible, I am serving as a consultant and administrator. As the founder and educator of Accessible Everything, I produce training programs on the perception of disability in society, while also developing research content on the same subject.

Serim Berke Yarar

Serim Berke Yarar
Founder, Accessible Design Specialist

I graduated from Yeditepe University Mechanical Engineering Department. While I continue to work at Açelya Makina with the sieve machine whose patent belongs to me, I won the “Do I Have an Idea” competition in 2015 with the first place. In addition to my corporate identity, I continue to take part in many projects, speeches and workshops as a rights defender and activist in the field of disability. The most striking of these projects is “S^2 On the Road”, the Turkey tour we went on with Seben Ayşe Dayı, another founder of Accessible Everything, by hitchhiking and we aim to change the perception of disability and difference of view on society. In Accessible Everything, I prepare training on Cerebral Palsy, disability and social perception. At the same time, I contribute to the reporting of solutions on accessibility standards specific to each field, assistive technologies and universal design practices. In addition, I am actively working on the accessibility of videos and images.

Hale Yildiz

Hale Yıldız
Founder, Disability Employment Specialist

In 2014, I graduated from Yeditepe University Art Management Department with the first place. I started working in a corporate company in 2015. I have been a Recruitment Specialist for about 5 years. While dealing with Finance / Accounting recruitment, I also try to raise awareness about the employment of qualified disabled people in Turkey. I actively work with many non-governmental organizations and voluntarily support them. I am a board member of the Değişen Adımlar (Changing Steps) Association. As the founder and consultant of Everything Accessible, I provide life education with wheelchair users. In addition, I am the social media manager of Everything Accessible and I work actively in corporate relations and business development.

Ilgin Aydinoglu

Ilgın Aydınoğlu
Disability Researcher

I graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Department of Finance, and then Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics, Department of International Relations. In January 2010, I started to work voluntarily at Istanbul University Disabled Application and Research Center. I have been working in the same institution officially since November 2012. Within this period, I worked as a consultant in the Library and Documentation Department Accessible Information Center Project at Istanbul University prepared for blind individuals. With the assignment of the center where I work, I represent my institution by participating in many meetings held in the field of disability studies throughout Turkey, especially the Accessible Universities Workshops.
Since April 2019, I have been continuing the Disability Studies Master’s Program with Thesis in Istanbul University Disabled Student Unit. At the same time, I work as the assistant coordinator in this unit. In addition to my business life, I take an active role in two different rights-based blind associations that I am a member of, and I am an activist in the field of disability. While giving education of “Blind or Visually Impaired?” in Everything Accessible, I continue my duty as an informatics accessibility consultant.

Utku Demiryakan

Utku Demiryakan
Accessibility Advisor

I graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Psychology in 2020. Since 2015, I have been taking part voluntarily in various non-governmental organizations, especially in disability organizations, and I have been in project teams. In the field of disability, I generally took part in studies on increasing accessibility and inclusive culture, and in this context, I participated in domestic and international activities. I work in the fields of international collaborations, legislation and agenda tracking, grant/fund applications and general consultancy processes within the body of Everything Accessible.

Neveda Oner

Neveda Öner
Deaf Culture Consultant

I was born as the daughter of deaf parents. I lost my hearing as a result of the wrong surgery I had. As a CODA (individuals whose mother or/and father are deaf), I have both grown and raised in the deaf community. Besides Turkish Sign Language, I communicate with hearing aids and lip reading. Since my childhood, I have developed myself in this field as a translator for my parents and relatives. In addition to my practical knowledge, I became a Turkish Sign Language instructor with the training I received. Because I love children so much, I teach sign language at a private kindergarten. In my spare time, I also teach adults. My biggest wish is for all people to learn sign language. I put a lot of effort into this. I can call myself one of the activists who advocate that sign language should be everywhere. I work as a deaf culture consultant and sign language educator in Accessible Everything.

Zeynep Solen Yildiz

Zeynep Şölen Yıldız
UX Design Specialist, Psychologyst

After graduating from Koç University, Department of Psychology and Media & Visual Arts, I started my PhD studies at Koç University, Department of Design, Technology & Society. I am trying to understand how accessibility can be designed in a more social justice-based way with the support of technology. I am interested in creative writing and writing stories and stories for children. I lead research on understanding and reimagining the experiences of individuals with disabilities of Accessible Everything.

Selahattin Ozturk

Selahattin Öztürk
Special Education Coordinator

I graduated from the Department of Special Education Teaching at the European University of Lefke as an honor student. I am continuing my master’s degree in Special Education at the same university. I work as the Education Coordinator in a special education and rehabilitation center in Izmir. I spend a significant part of my time with individuals with neurodevelopmental differences, especially those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. I organized and participated in conferences at my own university and many high schools in order to change society’s view and perception of disability. I am the cognitive and neurodevelopmental differences trainer of the Accessible Everything Team.

Mehmet Yagci

Mehmet Yağcı
Communication Specialist

I graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Psychological Counseling. So far I have built a professional career outside of my field. I have been providing editorial-translation services for publishing houses and magazines since 2014. I am a studio musician as a guitarist in various projects. I am responsible for accessible editing, audio description, video production and reporting within Everything Accessible.

Eser Epozdemir

Eser Epözdemir
Art Accessibility Consultant

I graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Painting Department. After that, I studied Fine Arts at Valencia Polytechnic University. I completed my master’s degree at Sabancı University Visual Arts Department. My special interests are the city, the right to be urban, change, and ongoing disruptions in urban life. Since 2008, I have been working in various cultural and artistic channels such as radio, magazines and in the field of education. I am a member of AmberPlatform and the founder of “yap!” (“make it!”) which produces artistic content for children. In addition to my artistic research, I produce cultural and artistic content for various institutions/organizations and provide consultancy to them. I am a stakeholder in the cultural and artistic activities of Accessible Everything and a consultant in the field of art accessibility.

Damla Durman

Damla Durman
Audio Description Specialist

I have graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Stage and Performing Arts Management. I am a young culture and arts entrepreneur and artist. I am the founding director of the International Improvised Dance Festival and dance platform. I aim to further my studies in the field of Art Accessibility. I work as a audio description writer at Accessible Everything.

Zeynep Yilmaz

Zeynep Yılmaz
Physiotherapist, Communication Officer

In 2017, I graduated from Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School and I am currently a senior student at Yeditepe University Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. In addition to my physiotherapist identity, I continue my studies to specialise in different fields. I detail my research in the fields of disabled employment, accessibility in communication, accessibility in culture and arts, and accessibility in health. I continue to provide voluntary support to many non-governmental organisations. I am a member of the Human Resources team of Changing Steps Association. I first supported the Accessible Everything team within the accessible exhibition project they made with Sakıp Sabancı Museum. I have been a member of the team since November 2021, supporting social media and external communication.

Nilay Tascioglu

Nilay Taşçıoğlu
Business Development

I was introduced to civil society at the beginning of my university life. Since then, I have been working for various groups in the civil society field. Since the day I chose to continue my career as a civil society worker, I have worked in areas such as communication, resource-funding, business development, volunteer management, coordination. I have participated in trainings in many areas including Tüsev, Common Purpose, Fundrasing School, KUSIF. Apart from that, I swim, run and explore new places as much as I can. I am working on developing new partnerships and collaborations in ESH.