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Do you want to make your brand more inclusive and introduce it to 1 Billion more people?

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There are 5 Million Disabled Individuals in Turkiye!

Inaccessible Living Space
Social Exclusion

There are 1 Billion Disabled People in the World

Inaccessible Website
Proportion of people with disabilities to total population

All these people are here to meet you waiting for you to step into accessibility!

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Become a partner in independent living

Increase your customer base

Increase the comfort of all customers

Take a fresh look at social responsibility

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What Does Everything Accessible Do?

Everything Accessible is a social enterprise that provides solutions through consultancy and training services to everyone who wants to step into a more accessible life.

It redesigns the experiences of disabled users and customers of organizations in the most accessible way.

It carries out all processes in the name of accessibility within the framework of user experiences and accessibility standards of the disabled individuals it employs in its team.

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What Does Accessible Everything Do?


Evaluates with individuals from different disability groups


Examines within the framework of accessibility standards


User experiences and reports against standards


Draws your roadmap for transformation


Standing by your side during the accessibility restoration process


Provides solutions through training, consultancy and services

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility means that any space, services, products, contents, and even digital environment be accessible, comprehensive, and utilizable for each people including elderly and disabled people.

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Accessibility through the Lens of Everything Accessible

Communicative Accessibility

Contextual Accessibility

Physical Accessibility

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Communicative Accessibility

  • Our perspective on differences
  • Our perspective on disability
  • The language we use
  • One-to-one communication
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Contextual Accessibility

  • Website
  • Application
  • Social media
  • Video content
  • Printed materials
  • Product packaging and contents

Physical Accessibility

  • Architectural Structures
  • Product Designs
  • Vehicles
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Our Perspective on Accessibility

Communicative Accessibility

Trainings that transform employees’ and managers’ perspective on diversity

Trainings that transform the perspective of employees and managers on disability

Trainings that strengthen internal communication for organisations

Consultancy for social responsibility projects

Start The Transformation

Contextual Accessibility

Website user experience and recommendation report

Accessibility transformation of your mobile apps

Accessible social media training and counselling

Inclusive communication service

Start The Transformation

Physical Accessibility

Analyzing architectural structures through user experience and official standards

Accessibility consultancy for newly constructed buildings

Examination and reporting of accessibility to the institution

Counselling for universal product design for every individual

Start The Transformation

Our Conversion Impact

Co-operation with the institution
Awareness training for the organisation
Turkish Sign Language Training
Accessible Video
Digital Accessibility Report
Accessible Festival
Accessible Exhibition
Awareness Speech
Event Translation
Physical Accessibility Report
Social Media Interaction

Our Awards

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We became Sabancı Foundation 2021 Changemaker of the Year!

We Won the Advanced Stage Award at Kale Group’s 2021 İbrahim Bodur Social Entrepreneurship Awards!

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Transformed with Us

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Contact For the Change!

For an accessible world, start the transformation from yourself!

Contact us
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